At What Point do you Turn into your Parents?

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As much as you love your parents, you probably dread turning into them as you grow older. The blogging site Netmums carried out a poll in 2013 that shows however much you try to fight it, 32 is the golden age when the transition starts to take place and we slowly morph into our parents.

At what point do you turn into your parents?

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Having your Own Children Brings Change

You will most definitely hear your mother’s voice when you start to admonish your own children once you’re a parent. Having children will also make you more aware of money and you’ll suddenly understand the need for financial security and saving.

It’s not all about partying and having fun now that you have extra small people to care for, and it’s usually at this point that you’ll also think more about the future and your obligations.

In these uncertain financial times, you may find it difficult to juggle the care needs of your parents with your immediate family concerns. One option you could consider is retirement homes which offer high-quality care and assistance for older people in comfortable, convenient surroundings.

You’re Not So Independent

You’ll know that you are turning into your parents when you invest in a family saloon, rather than that wonderful sports car that you admired in your twenties. The strange thing about turning into your parents is that you confidently thought that you’d never become money conscious or care about fuel consumption – but suddenly it’s become all too important!

Growing up Brings Responsibilities

The poll also revealed that careers and house buying were major factors that determined the evolution. It’s not just people who have children who found this happening.

Weighing up the pros and cons of summer travel, those that used to happily trek across the world will find that the demands of a job or career far outweigh the transient feeling of summer freedom. You’ll probably find yourself also muttering, ‘what is this rubbish’ when a new song comes onto the radio – just as your dad used to do!

There is Nothing Wrong with Turning into your Parents

Most parents will have fought and won the battles that you are trying to conquer in life. If you are taking on board their advice, and even sound like them, you may have improved your chances of success.

Older people know about contracts, mortgage conditions, solicitors and accountants. In fact, parents are often an untapped resource for knowledge and should be addressed more frequently. Their advice is also free, which is always a bonus!

Not a lot changes across the generations

It’s very popular to believe that the birth of 21st-century mobile connectivity has changed the world totally. Of course, it’s made communications faster, but sometimes it’s good to step back and appreciate that your parents dealt with energy prices, how to economise and also how to enjoy life.

You may have dreaded turning into your parents before today but once you realise that the transition is inevitable, there are plenty of positive benefits which can help you come to terms with it.

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