Focusing on Your Financial Well-being

financial well-being

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Why Managing Your Money For The Future Matters

While the UK’s life expectancy may have recently increased to 81.60 years, there’s no doubt that we become more preoccupied with our physical health as we grow older.

Given the state of pension planning in the UK, however, we clearly do not take the same approach to managing our financial well-being. While some will argue that the failure to save has much to do with the fact that the cost of living continues to increase at a disproportionate rate to earnings, it’s also fair to surmise that people are being hindered by an inability to prioritise wealth management in the modern age.

So, if you’re approaching your retirement and struggling to build the optimal levels of wealth, what can you do? Here are some tips to help you understand the importance of money management and make the most of your income:

Start Planning Now

In truth, it’s never too early to begin planning for your financial future, but those who are approaching retirement may feel that this is a futile exercise. Similarly, falling disposable income levels in the UK may be exacerbating this feeling of hopelessness, leaving many without the motivation to save or leverage their capital.

This is counter-intuitive, however, as it’s there’s still time to change your mindset and take targeted steps towards saving for your imminent retirement. Reducing expenditure can make a small but incremental difference to your disposable income, for example, as can seeking out self-invested pension plans (SIPPs) that offer investors access to a diverse range of assets.

The key here is to challenge our attitude, by prioritising your financial well-being and retaining a sense of optimism for the future.

Get your financial affairs in order

Seek out Expert Guidance

While you and you alone are responsible for your attitudes and outlook, actively accumulating and managing wealth may require you to seek out some expert guidance.

After all, this enables you to appraise your circumstances fully and tailor your financial planning, so that you can achieve your objectives and grow your wealth as quickly as possible.

This is where firms such as Tilney come in, as they provide in-depth financial planning services that can be customised to suit your needs. By combining this type of expertise with your innate motivation, you can really focus on managing your wealth and creating a large retirement fund for the near-term.

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Make the Market Work for you

Focusing on your financial well-being - Why Managing Your Money For The Future MattersIf there’s one thing that separates investors from savers, it’s their underlying sense of determinism. This, along with an appetite for managed risk, enables them to see opportunities in a declining economic climate, as savers seek flight and look to stockpile their capital somewhere safe.

Investing can be a good option to build and manage your wealth in the current climate, offering better potential returns than high street bank accounts, especially when saving for retirement.

You can invest in funds, shares, bonds, property and a range of other assets. These can all give you higher potential returns, but of course, they are also riskier than cash accounts. Therefore before investing it is important to decide on the right balance between risk and potential return.

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