Gift-Giving with a Green Conscious

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This post is sponsored by Tinggly. Tinggly might just be the best, and cleanest experience gift you’ve ever come across. The concept is simple. You choose a Tinggly gift box (which is available in a range of prices and themed to match almost every occasion), you send it as a gift (physically or as an e-voucher), and the recipient gets to choose from hundreds of diverse experiences in over 100 countries around the world. And what’s more, Tinggly is becoming more and more sustainable with every passing day.

Recently there has been a real shift in how people buy gifts for loved ones. People are steering away from physical gifts and instead opting for experience gifts, some are even going gift free. The two main reasons for this appear to be because people already have too much stuff and to help the environment by reducing waste.

Gift-Giving with a Green Conscious


If you are looking to reduce the impact of your gifts this year then I have some suggestions for you…


Buy Ethical


Buying ethically covers a whole range of different things including…


  • Buying less
  • Buying secondhand items
  • Using local & independent businesses
  • Looking for trusted labels like Organic, Cruelty-free, Fairtrade & Vegan 
  • Boycotting bad companies!


My favoutire ethical shops are *Ethical Superstore, *Etsy, *PoZu and *MAMOQ.

Buy Organic 


By buying organic items it means you are working with nature rather than fighting it. It means your products won’t contain artificial chemicals which are not only better for you but also the planet. Organic companies also support better animal welfare and use more environmentally friendly land management techniques.

Buy Fairtrade

By buying Fairtrade goods it means you are supporting better working condition, local sustainability, better prices and fair terms of trade for workers. Keep your eye out for the Fairtrade logo on the items you’re buying.

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Gift An Experience


I know I’ve mentioned this a few times already on my blog but gifting an experience is a great way to reduce the amount of stuff we all have. 


If you haven’t already check out this video by Story Of Stuff. 


To gift an experience you can use companies like Tinggly. You buy one gift box and the recipient can choose from an entire collection of different experiences ranging from bucket list experiences to gifts for the planet. Their slogan is Give stories, not stuff.


I really love the idea of gifting an experience rather than more stuff. Memories last a lifetime.

The best bit about Tinggly, in particular, is that each gift you buy helps clean the planet. 


‘A part of Tinggly profit goes to sustainable projects to remove polluting plastics from the environment. With the help of our partners, one Tinggly gift not only removes 33lbs (15kg) of plastics but also offsets 200% of CO2 emissions produced during the chosen experience. On top of that, all Tinggly gift boxes are made of 100% recycled materials and are eco-friendly.’ Tinggly


Here’s a few other ways Tinggly are trying to do their bit for the planet…


  • Only use recycled materials
  • Removing toxic plastics for every git sold
  • Offsetting CO2 by 200%
  • Being a carbon positive company 
  • Installing Tinggly Trash Taps in Bali

I’ve got my eye on the Gift For The Planet box. 


  • 33lbs (15kg) plastic removed
  • 1 ton of C02 offset
  • river trash traps installations

Buy Houseplants 


Houseplants make a lovely gift for friends and family and also help to improve their indoor air quality at home. I’d always recommend buying potted plants over cut flowers as cut flowers can have a high carbon footprint and also don’t last! 


The best plants for houseplant newbies are… 


  • Snake Plants
  • Succulents
  • Aloe Vera  
  • Spider Plants
  • Cactus

Buy Secondhand 


If you can why not buy your gifts secondhand? That way you’re reusing something that has already been produced. There are lots of places to buy decent secondhand items these days like charity shops, online selling sites and local Facebook selling groups. 


Make Homemade Gifts 


If you’re the creative type then make your own gifts. You can make anything form homemade beauty products to edible gifts. Keep hold of glass jars to reuse and decorate them with ribbon. 


Check out this Easy Peasy Relaxing & Zero Waste Lavander Bath Salt Recipe by Eco Thrifty Living. 


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Eco Gift Wrapping 


Whatever green gift you choose don’t forget to wrap them using a sustainable method like reusable cloth, brown paper that can be recycled or by reusing old magazines or newspapers.


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