Zero Waste Gift Guide

Zero waste gift guide

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Autumn is always the start of a busy time for us. All of our birthdays and Christmas happen over the course of the next 4 months. After spending months clearing, minimalising and sorting our home the thought of more stuff coming in is freaking me out. 


So this year I have decided to ask for things that can replace broken and worn out items that we use around the home with more sustainable and reusable alternatives. I’ve created a wish list of things that I’d love to replace when needed and I thought I’d share it with you today.

Metal Ice Cube Tray


*Metal ice cube trays make a great alternative to the plastic ones. All of our cheap plastic ones are now broken. They tend to snap when you are trying to get the ice cubes out. I’d love to replace them with metal ones.

Wooden Cleaning Tools


Wooden cleaning tools not only look nicer than their plastic counterparts but also the majority of them can be composted when they come to the end of their life. You can get wooden brooms, *wooden dustpan & brushes & wooden scrubbing brushes.

Buy Them an Experience 


Experiences are perfect for a zero waste gift. There isn’t any ‘stuff’ involved and you have the opportunity to give the receiver an experience that they haven’t had before. For inspiration and to find some great bargains go on sites like Groupon.


Last year I bought my sister singing lesson, my nephew a virtual reality experience and my Father a vineyard wine tasting tour and lunch.

Body Brush


A *body brush makes a great gift for a zero waster. I use mine all the time and I love the way it makes my skin feel after use. The one pictured below is from the Ethical Superstore and has a detachable head which means you can use it for your back and the rest of your body.

Body brush

Homemade Beauty Products


If you are the creative type why not make some homemade beauty products for your friends and family. There are hundreds of recipes online and you can present them in a reused glass jar.

Homemade presents

If you’re not the creative type or simply short on time then I’d highly recommend you check out Etsy for homemade natural beauty products.

Cloth Napkins


We use *cloth napkins at meal times. To save having to wash them after every meal I have written everyone’s names on the labels so we know whos is who. We then reuse them a few times before we wash them unless of course, they’ve got really dirty.


You can get them in hundreds of different colours to suit your colour scheme.

Reusable Bowl Covers


Reusable bowl covers are something that I’ve only just got into and I love them! You can buy ready made ones or make your own. There are lots of different options out there too, from cloth, beeswax or silicone ones. I particularly like the ones from Bowlovers.


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Food Gifts


If you enjoy cooking then why not make some edible goodies to give as gifts. Popular options are cookies, chutneys or liqueurs. To be extra zero waste use items that you have foraged yourself.


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Reusable Cloth or Jute Bags


Reusable bags are perfect for doing your shopping. I use the cloth ones which I can fold up and put into my handbag so I always have one on hand. I also have the larger *jute bags in the back of my car for when I do the food shop. They also make a lovely gift.

Reusable jute bag

Pro tip: Once you have your gifts don’t forget to use reusable wrapping paper. You can either buy pre-made ones or make your own using  leftover material. There is a Japanese method of wrapping using cloth called furoshiki. The presents look amazing if you can get it right. Check out the tutorials on Youtube for inspiration.


What about you? What would be on your zero waste gift guide? 

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