Gifts that Keep on Giving for this Holiday Season

Gifts that keep giving

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With the holiday season approaching, you are probably already looking for the perfect gifts. Whilst many ideas come to mind, finding the right gifts can be a challenge. So, why not think outside the box, and look for presents that keeps on giving. The following are eight types of gifts that adults and children will enjoy for months (and years) to come.

Memberships and Classes

Season passes to the zoo, art museum, science centre, fitness club are great for individuals and families alike. An annual membership to the aviary, aquarium or local amusement park, provide hours of fun as well as memorable moments. Another idea would be to give the gift of a class… dance, music, riding lessons, art… any course that is in line with your loved one’s special interests.

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Certain pieces of jewellery withstand the test of time. For example, a quality charm bracelet is a gift that you can add to over the years. Just purchase a new charm and add it to the bracelet each time a special occasion occurs, such as a birthday, a wedding, a birth… Likewise, *watches, rings and necklaces created from precious gems and metals are gifts to be treasured now and always!

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A subscription to a favourite magazine or a ‘gift of the month’ club is truly a gift that keeps on giving. Select a food, floral, or even a craft-kit subscription and a new gift will arrive each month.

Hobby Baskets

Alternatively, create your own hobby basket. Fill a large basket with a set of baking supplies and a cookbook, science kit, watercolour supplies, wool and knitting needles, sewing materials… the list is limitless and custom tailored to the receiver’s unique interests.

hobby basket


Movie tickets, concert, sports or tickets to the theatre make for truly memorable experiences designed to match your loved one’s passion.  Coupons, tickets and gift certificates are gifts at any time throughout the year. Restaurant, tea and coffee house, bowling, miniature golf and skating are events that you can also share with each other.

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Travel and Outdoor Supplies

If your family enjoys travelling, camping, or gardening, outdoor supplies that match their interests make terrific presents. Fishing equipment, water sports equipment, gardening supplies, or travel and camping gear (such as sleeping bags and flashlights) are great gifts that provide endless hours of recreation.

Indoor Activities

On the other hand, if you have friends and family members on your list that enjoy being at home, craft-activities, movies (DVDs) books, games, puzzles, music, *bath supplies, stationery, photo/memory albums, or writing journals make ideal gifts that allow hours of enjoyment.

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Other Gifts                                  

Gifts that keep on giving this holiday season #Gifts #Holidays #Christmas #Festive #PresentsMany everyday items make excellent presents… new linens, lamps and household décor, bicycles, basketball hoops, skates or skis, scooters, toy and jewellery boxes are just a few examples.

Learning tools such as magnets, building blocks, magnifying glasses, easels, magic kits, gardening tools, binoculars, maps and globes, calendars, clocks, a microscope or telescope, and computer learning programs are other ideas.

If you want to give gifts that keep on giving this holiday season, think ‘outside the box.’ Give everyone on your list a timeless gift chosen just for him or her.


Gina Caro

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