How To Create a More Sustainable Home

How To Create a More Sustainable Home

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Over the last few years, we have been trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle. It can be a long process and certainly not something that you can achieve overnight but even little things can add up. 

I often get asked by others how they can create a more sustainable home so I thought I’d share a selection of ideas with you.

I’ve included a variety of different ways, some are little switches that you can make and others are more long-term investments.

Opt for Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

You can either buy ready-made eco-friendly cleaning products or make your own. Personally, I make my own cleaners using natural ingredients. Check out these 2 Easy to Make All-Purpose Natural Zero Waste Cleaners.

Zero waste all purpose cleaner

Set Up a Composting System

Setting up your own composting system doesn’t have to be complicated. All you really need is a compost bin and your food scraps and you are good to go. The trick to successful composting is to get a good mix of green waste (food scraps & garden waste) and brown waste (cardboard).

It’s worth checking with your local council if they offer special prices on home composting kits. That’s how we got ours and it was much cheaper than buying it from a store.

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Install Solar Panels 

If you plan to live in your home for a long time then it’s definitely worth investing in some solar panels for your roof.

Try to find a company like EDF that use Feed-In tariffs. ‘A payment made to households or businesses generating their own electricity through the use of methods that do not contribute to the depletion of natural resources, proportional to the amount of power generated.’

Here are some of the benefits of a Feed-In tariff

  • Your energy provider will pay you a set rate for each unit of energy you generate.
  • You’ll then get another amount from your FiT Licensee for any extra energy that you export back to the grid.
  • You will save money on your electricity bills.

If you still need convincing then check out this article on the Top Reasons To Use Solar Energy.

Install solar panels on your home

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Switch to Reusable Products

Making the switch to reusable products is not something that you can do overnight. However, even if you made one switch a month you’d be on the right path to living a more sustainable lifestyle.

Here are just a few examples of switches you can make…

  • Reusable water bottle
  • Reusable coffee mug
  • Reusable food wrap
  • Reusable razor
  • Reusable face wipes

reusable water bottles

Switch to LED Light Bulbs

This is an easy switch which can have a massive impact on your energy usage each month. Don’t try and switch them all at once just as and when your bulbs blow replace them with sustainable alternatives.

Switch to Rechargeable Batteries

As a family with kids who have lots of toys that require batteries, we used to go through hundreds of batteries. We are now slowly replacing all our gadgets with rechargeable batteries.

Buy local

Could you start buying from local markets and suppliers rather than the big supermarkets? By buying locally you are not only supporting local business but also reducing the carbon footprint of your food and supplies.

Local food is from local farms and producers which means it has travelled less to get to you. You’re also a lot more likely to find food products that are ‘package free’.

Buy local

Buy Second Hand

Switching to buying second-hand items is also another great way to create a more sustainable home. All new items have a carbon footprint from the manufacturing of the item to the transportation.

Second-hand items have already been made and have gone through that process which means if you choose to buy second-hand instead of new you’re reducing the number of new products that need to be produced.

Start to Grow your own Food

Growing your own food can save you money as well as being an enjoyable hobby. If you don’t have a big enough garden then perhaps consider having an allotment.

If the thought of starting an allotment is overwhelming then why not ask your friends to do it with you and share the responsibility.

Grow your own food

Install Low Flow Shower Heads

Low flow shower heads use less water every time you shower which in turn saves you energy and reduces your carbon footprint even further.

Some local councils sell low flow shower heads at a reduced price so definitely worth doing a bit of research before you buy one. You will need to install it but they are fairly easy to set up.


Insulating your home can have a huge impact on your carbon footprint. Houses with better insulation use less heating which means lower energy bills and less energy being used.


How To Create a More Sustainable Home Downsizing is obviously quite a big lifestyle change but it can have a huge positive impact on your life. We firmly live by the saying ‘The Less You Have, The Less You Have to Lose’.

Since downsizing, we have not only reduced our mortgage by 10 years but also have less impact on the planet. We have less to maintain which means fewer resources being used.

If you really want to get serious about more sustainable living then we’d highly recommend downsizing.

Ditch the Car and Get a Bike

Obviously, this one won’t work for everyone but if you live in a large town or city that has a good public transport system then why not consider ditching your car completely.

Cars emissions have a huge impact on our environment so switching to public transport definitely makes you a sustainable living warrior.

Install Double Glazing

Similar to insulating your home it’s also a good idea to have double glazing in your windows if possible. If double glazing isn’t an option for you then look into installing draft excluders around your window seals. There are lots of different types available at various different prices.

Install double glazing sustainable home

Ditch the Toilet Paper!

Now this one is pretty hardcore even by my standards but you’d be amazed by how many people out there are choosing to ditch toilet paper. The two most popular alternatives are reusable toilet paper (yes you read that right) and installing bidet toilets or attachments.

For me personally, I think reusable toilet paper would be a step too far and I’m pretty sure the other half wouldn’t be too happy about it either. I am considering having bidet attachments installed to our toilets though.

For more ideas on how to create a more sustainable home check out my post 10 Top Tips for Living a Low-Carbon Life at Home.

Where ever you are in your sustainable living journey just remember the  5 R’s…

Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle & Rot

Check out my Video on How to Create a More Sustainable Home 

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