How to Decorate your Bathroom with Wall Panels in No Time!

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Sometimes houses start to show their age despite the best care and attention lavished on them. When this does happen you are faced with the lengthy, costly and frustrating task of having the walls stripped down and fresh plaster applied – along with the attendant mess and inconvenience of trying to live while builders invade your home and your life for months at a time.

This is particularly frustrating when it happens in the bathroom, the room that is least appreciated but most used of all the rooms in the home!

How to decorate your bathroom with wall panels


Decorate your Bathroom with Wall Panels

However, there is a solution to these bathroom woes that can be installed over a weekend (or in a very short time anyway!) and it does not cost an arm and a leg either! Consider wall panelling for your problem bathroom and you will be amazed and delighted at how much difference can be made in such a simple manner.

Chic Wall panels:

How to decorate your bathroom with wall panels

Image: Pinterest

Wall panels come in a variety of materials, one of the best of which is acrylic – a durable, tough and extremely hard-wearing material that can be formed into almost any shape and colour. These wall panels fit snugly together, and using Lustrolite panels, as seen at, is a sure-fire way to ensure a smooth and polished finish all the way around your bathroom.

Easy To Install:

How to decorate your bathroom with wall panels

Image: Fincor Decor

Wall panels are easy to install and the job can be completed very quickly, allowing you to choose when to disrupt your family’s bathing arrangements, secure in the knowledge that it will not be for very long!

Lustrolite wall panels come in a wide range of colours, sizes and shapes so that every customer can precisely choose their preferred décor colours and ensure that their bathroom walls are fully covered.

How to decorate your bathroom with wall panels

Image: Home Design Pictures

Once they are installed, and your bathroom is restored to smooth perfection, the wall panels continue to show off their advantages. Acrylic panels are resistant to staining and scratching and are shocking easy to clean: simply wipe them down with a damp cloth!

How to decorate your bathroom with wall panels

Image: Home Designs

So if your bathroom is looking a little drab and care-worn, why not go online to and browse the great range of Lustrolite panels that they have on offer?

If you would like more advice or to see the panels in the flesh, so to speak, before committing yourself to buying them, pop into one of the showrooms or phone in – you will not regret the decision to investigate the idea of wall panels for bathrooms!

How to decorate your bathroom with wall panels in no time!

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3 thoughts on “How to Decorate your Bathroom with Wall Panels in No Time!”

  1. Nice tip! I’ve never thought of using wall panels before, I bet it’s so much easier than stripping, re-plastering and tiling…

    1. It is a really simple way to completely transform a room. We are using the panels in the galley on our boat this year. Hoping it will look okay! (Fingers crossed)

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