How To Make Gatsby Envelopes for Party Invites

How To Make Gatsby Envelopes for Party Invites

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For my 30th birthday I had a big Gatsby party at a local hotel. I chose a Gatsby theme as I love the book and I thought it was appropriate to celebrate the end of my 20’s with a 20’s theme. 

Gatsby Birthday Party

I had my party invites made by a company online they didn’t come with the sort of envelopes I wanted so I decided I would make my own Gatsby style ones, complete with glitter! 

How to make Gatsby envelopes for party invites

I believe that you can buy the  black and glitter envelopes online but they’re not cheap! This is why I decided to make my own. Here’s how I did it…

Step One:

Get everything you need to make you gatsby style envelopes.

You’ll need…

  • Black Envelopes
  • PVA Glue
  • Gold Glitter
  • Gold Pen

How to make Gatsby style party envelopes

There are plenty of places to buy everything you need online or check out your local craft store. Personally I bought my black envelopes on Amazon.

Step Two:

Prepare your envelopes for the glitter.

Gatsby party invites & envelopes

Step Three:

Put glue on the area you wish the glitter to go. I just used PVA glue from the kiddies craft sets. If you want the glitter to stick really well you may wish to use another form of glue.

Making Gastcby style glitter envelopes for party invites

Step Four:

Sprinkle on your glitter! Once you have covered the whole area pick up your envelope and gently shake off any bits that didn’t stick.

Gatsby party invites

Homemade gatsby party invites

Homemade gold gatsby party invites

and voila the finished product…

Gatsby party invites

Once you have you glitter on your envelopes you can always jazz it up a bit more with some gold decorations. Personally I added these small circular stickers on the back. You may also want to buy a gold pen to write the names of your guest on the front of the envelopes.

How to make gold glittery gatsby party invites

Gatsby party invites

It’s worth noting that some of the glitter may fall off but you can always add a bit more glue to those sections and repeat the process.



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