How To Reduce The Impact Periods Have On The Environment

Impact periods have on the environment

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If you’re a regular here at Gypsy Soul then you will already know that I’m a huge fan of WUKA reusable period wear. They have literally transformed my whole ‘period experience’ and I cannot recommend them enough.


This year WUKA has teamed up with Plastic Oceans UK for the UnFlushable campaign, which aims to raise awareness about the huge amount of waste that disposable sanitary products create.


‘The UnFlushable campaign kicks off on World Oceans Day on the 8th June calling for everyone who cares about our seas to ditch disposable tampons and pads and switch to reusable menstrual products.’


Check out this awesome poster created by Venus Lididio, a feminist artist and campaigner, which will be found on the back of toilet doors throughout the campaign.


To find out more about the campaign go to the *WUKA website where you can download the poster and sign up to become part of the FlushMob to help reduce the 4.6m tampons flushed daily in the UK to Zero.

WUKA poster stop flushing period products

4.6 million tampons and pads are flushed every day in the UK:

Plastic Oceans UK Plastic Rivers Report 2019


The Dreaded ‘Period Talk’


When I was younger when we had that awkward ‘period talk’ at school. You remember the one right? Where the very uncomfortable looking nurse came into the classroom with her box full of plastic disposable sanitary items and proceeded to give her very scientific speech, mentioning words like ‘fallopian’, ‘menstruation’ and other big words that seemed completely irrelevant at the time. That was if you could even hear her over the giggling.


When I look back now the thing that strikes me as weird are the options she gave for ‘collecting’ the blood. Basically, it was either plastic pads or tampons and that was it. So not liking the thought of tampons I opted for disposable pads and stuck with that every month for the next 22 years! Gosh, that makes me feel old.

disposable sanitary products

“The big brands know that women come back to them time after time as they need reliable absorbent products to use on a monthly basis. There has been no innovation in menstrual product design over the last fifty years and, as a result, women have been buying disposable tampons and pads and unknowingly dumping tonnes of single-use plastic pollution in the oceans every month.” Ruby Raut – WUKA CEO


I hated them and dreaded my period every month for all 22 of those years. Then last year I was introduced to WUKA and everything changed. I now no longer dread my period every month. I no longer get that inevitable period rash down there due to the plastic rubbing on my skin and I no longer feel guilty about the amount of waste my period produces every month.


“At Wuka we believe that comfort and absorbency can go hand in hand with ethical business methods and we never put profit before the environment. That’s why we have teamed up with Plastic Oceans UK – Britain’s leading voice on plastic pollution – on our UnFlushable campaign. We want everyone who cares about reducing plastic in our oceans to join our FlushMob so we can encourage more people to switch to plastic-free reusables.” Ruby Raut

WUKA pants
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Reusable Period Wear Options

These days there are much more options for you to choose from for your period including…


  • Reusable Period Pants (*I recommend WUKA. Get 10% off below)
  • Reusable Cloth Sanitary Pads
  • Menstrual Cups


All of which are not only much nicer for you but also better for the environment. Oh and you’ll save yourself a load of money too! 


How I Saved £84 Last Year By Switching To Reusable Pads 

Getting Started With Cloth Sanitary Pads – FAQ’s

WUKA Period Wear Review: Ditch The Disposables 

Stop Flushing Sanitary Items Down The Toilet


In a report called ‘Plastic Rivers’ published by Plastic Oceans UK, it states ‘that 4,600 tonnes of plastic could be prevented from entering the environment each year if we stopped flushing plastic tampons and pads and changed to reusable menstrual products such as period pants, menstrual cups and organic reusable pads.’


The aim of the UnFlushable campaign is to encourage people to stop flushing their disposable menstrual products down the toilet and consider switching to reusables instead.


What are your thoughts on reusable period wear? Is it something that you would consider for your period? Let me know in the comments below.

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How to Reduce the Impact Periods Have on the Environment

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2 thoughts on “How To Reduce The Impact Periods Have On The Environment”

  1. We, the Humankind

    Reusables have changed my period for the better no end. While it took a few months to get the hang of my cup, it was 100% worth it. I was never happy paying so much money for tampons and felt uncomfortable about the waste, so making the switch felt natural 🙂

    Also, I bought my sister some WUKA undies for her birthday and she loves them, so I might consider purchasing a pair to wear on lighter days.

    Reusable period products are amazing. There’s something for everyone and I’m just so happy that they’re starting to enter the mainstream ♥︎

  2. I’ve been using cloth sanitary pads for a couple of years now and I absolutely love them, I was the same as yourself and would end up with rashes from the plastic in disposable pads, I also had really bad cramps when using tampons, now I get non of that and it’s just so much more comfortable, I don’t hate my period with a passion now lol I have tried the cup but I just can’t get the hang of it and since having my babies my lady bits aren’t as they use to be lol so it’s quite uncomfortable to wear tampons(when i still used them years ago) or a cup, but I’m more than happy with my cloth pads 🙂

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