Making Your Natural Beauty Shine

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Are you the kind of person who likes to go out fully made up, dressed to the nines, with killer heels to change into when you get to work? Maybe you’re someone who doesn’t even like to nip to the shops in lounge pants; it just seems too scruffy for you!

And you like it that way… but you don’t like how much energy goes into your routine, and you don’t like what you feel when you see yourself without your ‘face’ in the mirror at night.

Natural Beauty We all have our own natural beauty. It’s best seen on the days we spend at home, with your hair a day old after washing, no makeup on our face, and loose clothes that don’t long to hug our figure.

No matter your perception of yourself at that moment, you do look beautiful! And that’s something we should spend a little more time celebrating, but how do we do that when we’re not even confident enough to show that beauty to other people?

So if you’re the kind of person who needs some help to see the way you look for how good it really is, here are some ways to enhance the way your natural beauty shines. Don’t worry, there’s a lot of people in the same position as you, and you can easily lift each other up with a few compliments and shared advice here and there!

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Get a Glass of Water

Water is the fluid of life, and it’s something we all need to drink to make sure we’re feeling our best day in and day out. So it’s absolutely no wonder there are so many benefits for your skin when you’re hydrated, and how much better you’re going to look when you’re drinking a proper amount every day.

Hey, why not fill up a glass now to accompany you whilst you’re reading through the rest of this? It’s the start of your beauty enhancement!

First thing’s first, waking up. Try to have a glass of water before you have your morning tea or coffee, as this will help minimise the effects of dehydration that’s a part of these products. Yes, they taste good and help our brains to work faster, but they’re going to suck every last drop of water out of your cells, and that’s not going to help you get through the rest of the day.

stay hydrated

Pace yourself with your water drinking, and drink it throughout the day on a normal schedule. Make it a normal habit and you’re not going to even have to put any effort in when you’re at work with some paper cups already littering your desk: you’ve already managed half your daily allowance, and your skin is going to look smoother than ever. Cleansing from the inside out is the best move after all, and nothing is more flushing than good ol’ H20!

Sweat the Spots Out

Sweating, or perspiring if you like to keep to that age-old adage about a woman’s skin, can clear all of your pores out. You’re never going to find a better cleanser for your skin, so try to sweat things out from time to time, hopefully, 2 to 3 times a week… That’s right, it’s time to get into a fitness routine.

Not only is it good for every element of your healthcare, but completing regular exercise means there’s an increased blood flow to your skin. That helps it to bloom, giving you more of a regular skin tone, and the confidence to let yourself glow.

get fit

More oxygen equals a better look, especially when you look at yourself in the mirror without your makeup on. And hey, it’s going to keep that botox wrinkle reduction away for another day at least. That’s a serious method to eliminate some of the lines we get on our foreheads, so make sure you’re sure if you actually are considering it!

You’re just going to need to make sure you’re protecting your skin at the same time, as exercise like everything else in life, has a downside to it. Exposing your skin to the sun if you’re constantly going for jogs around the neighbourhood is the most obvious problem here, so try to get out earlier than 10 to 11 in the morning. Or you can wear sunscreen if you’re out after that time, just be sure to keep it out of your eyes.

Scrub Your Lips

Having plump and perfect lips is something that only celebrities seem to have, but you have to remember the skin lines and chapped areas are often photoshopped out. But if you feel bad about the way your lips look, if they feel like they’re cracking in the weather and you don’t like to even think about kissing your partner with them in their current state, you can do something about them.

Make yourself a homemade lip scrub, by mixing some brown sugar with honey, and even putting a bit of lemon juice into the bowl as well. Mix it all together, pop some on your finger, and then get to scrubbing away!

DIY lip scrub

Best part: you can simply lick the sugary paste off when you’re done; it’s a delicious treat for your hard work. Then put any leftover into an airtight container, pop a sticker on it, and save it for later. Check out the video tutorial below if you want to make them a little bit more pretty and then keep them on your dressing table.

DIY Lip Sugar Scrubs

Your lips are always going to feel ten times better when you’ve scrubbed them within an inch of their lives, but don’t let yourself get into too much of a habit here. Try to only use a scrub about once a week, you don’t want yourself to start bleeding after all, and new skin needs time to grow. Once you’re done scrubbing, break out a lip balm and roll it on to keep everything soft and in place.

Focus on Your Eyes

They’re the windows to the soul after all, and people are going to look in them when they’re first meeting you before they look at anything else. So make sure they’re as bright and rested as possible whilst you have the day out of your normal routine. This often comes across as simply making your eyes look bigger, and sure that helps a lot, but work with what you have and learn to love your peepers.

Dig into your freezer and find those forgotten ice cube trays, pop a couple out, and then press them to the bags or circles under your eyes. It’s simple and effective, and you only need to hold them there, on and off, for a couple of minutes.

It helps you to feel refreshed in the morning before you put your eyeliner and mascara on, and also lessens the effect your bad night’s rest has on the foundation of your look.

woman beautiful eyes

You can also invest in some eye creams to help your eyelashes both grow and look longer than they are right now, plus you can give them a cheeky curl without even needing to put mascara on them afterwards.

Then focus on your eyebrows, shaping them properly to your brow bone, and plucking off any errant hairs that fall out of this range. You can find a handy guide to your actual eyebrow shape here if you need some advice (we definitely do!).

Learn to Compliment Yourself

And don’t ever underestimate this section, it can be a lot harder than you think to face yourself in the mirror properly and tell yourself what you like about the face you see staring back at you.

Everybody should feel good about their bodies, but more often than not, we don’t. Telling yourself something is good can feel wrong, considering everything the media shows us, and the adverts for the kind of products out there that can supposedly ‘solve’ these problems. So break out of the trap!

learn to love yourself

Look into the mirror now and tell yourself the shape of your eyes suits your face just fine. Tell yourself your chubby cheeks look incredibly, and the freckles covering them do wonders for your complexion.

All in all, don’t ever let yourself be erased when it comes to your natural beauty, you should start accentuating yourself instead. Confidence comes from inside if you want it to last!

Does Your Natural Beauty Shine?

It should do! Even when you’re not committing to any of these habits, you’re always going to have something about you that looks amazing, and it’s time to let it out of its cage. You look great, and you deserve to feel great, even when you’re not wearing a mask that does indeed make you feel a bit more confident!

Use these tips to your advantage to bring out your natural beauty, and take some selfies whilst you’re doing them. Document the times you put the effort in to love yourself properly and let yourself look back on the memories with a smile whenever you need to.

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  1. Great tips! Some of these, I was not aware, but now I will try. I have found some more informative , effective & excellent tips here that can lead us to shining skin naturally. Thank you for sharing.

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