Upcycling Old Furniture

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If you are a regular here then you will know that we have recently brought a new house and when I say new I mean brand spanking (nothing in it) new. I literally have a blank canvas that I can titivate with until my hearts content. It’s like every wannabe interior designers dream!Well that is until you realise that buying a brand new house means that you have to start from scratch whether it be curtain poles, toilet roll holders or even grass for the garden and that results in one thing… cost!

We’ve had to spend money on boring everyday things so the money that I had saved up for buying lots of new lovely bits for the house has rapidly depleted and we are left with no money and no ‘pretty things ‘for the house.


To save on money we have decided to upcycle a lot of our furniture. So far the other half has resprayed  and put new handles on our coffee table and office desk and they look fantastic! (They were both just wooden all over before with rusty brass knobs)

Up-cycling Old Furniture

Up-cycling old furniture

Please excuse the mess under the desk. That’s the next job on the list!

The next project…

Upcycling Using Decorative Knobs

up-cycling using decorative knobs

I was recently sent these gorgeous decorative knobs from Trinca- Ferro for an upcycling project.

Originally I had intended them for our drawers in the bedroom which we were going to paint a teal colour but we’ve now decided against that and instead I plan to use them on my tea unit in the kitchen.

new knobs

I think they will look great and will match in with my vintage/industrial style kitchen that I’m aiming for.

Decorative knobsTrinca-Ferro have lots of great decorative knobs on their site including vintage, ceramic and glass ones.  They are also very reasonably priced, the swirl etch metal knob pictured above cost just £3.45. I’d recommend checking out their site if you are looking to give a new lease of life to your old furniture.


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8 thoughts on “Upcycling Old Furniture”

  1. Your coffee table looks gorgeous!
    I wish I had the vision and skill to upcycle! Unfortunately most of my furniture comes from IKEA haha
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested x

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