What to do in an Airport if Your Flight Has Been Delayed


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Delayed flights are no fun at all. However, unfortunately, it has become a commonplace problem, and frequent fliers will tell you that they are regularly detained longer than they would like more often than they would wish.


So what can you do in an airport if your flight has been delayed?


Take a Deep Breath


And count to 10. While the delay may be causing you a great deal of anguish remember that your stress isn’t going to change anything at this point. Start by letting anyone that needs to know what is going on.


If you had a connecting flight and are not going to miss that why not see a friend or relative could look for a replacement for you. Conserve your battery life though as the phone may be necessary later on. If you need to change hotel reservations or will be late to meet someone, now is a good time to warn them. Even if you cannot let them know they exact details people always feel better being kept in the loop.


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flight has been delayed


Eat, Sleep, Chill 


Without trying to make light of the situation, you may as well do something. Airports do try and communicate delays as best they can so being away from the area grabbing some food for half an hour if you know you are going to be waiting at least two hours, isn’t going to hurt and it may just help preserve your sanity.


Have a look around the airport shops, or grab some shut-eye, just make sure you are not in danger of missing any vital announcements. In a typically British way, a cup of tea or coffee seems to work to soothe any situation and to be honest sitting a relaxing is better for you than pacing or shouting and arguing with the ground crew – who sadly cannot do anything to change the situation – they are just the messengers.


Keep Records


Be sure to keep records of what is happening and how long you have been delayed for as this could be important later on. Become Sherlock Holmes and do a bit of research. Delayed passengers are often entitled to some form of compensation so why not have a read online and see what the legislation say.


What to do in an Airport if Your Flight Has Been DelayedFlights delayed more than three hours fall under those entitled to compensation. The airport may already be offering you some food vouchers or money off another trip as they are aware of their responsibility to passengers. If you are given any form of compensation be sure to record this too.


In some cases, delayed passengers will choose to make a formal compensation claim after the event, and you will need to evidence what was done at the time and why you feel that was not enough for your situation.


This is also an excellent time to have a look at your travel insurance policy and see what their stance is on delays; many policies state they will start to pay after a 4-hour delay – so again worth the research.


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What have you done if your flight has been delayed? 

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