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Having an energy-efficient home not only saves you money but also helps you to reduce your carbon footprint. Ideally, all our homes in the UK should be as energy-efficient as possible. However, the cost of these eco home improvements can add up which a lot of the time people just cannot afford.

That’s why when I hear about government schemes that aim to help people with this I get excited. That’s exactly what the ECO Scheme is set out to do. Intrigued? Find out more below…

What is The Government ECO Scheme?

The ECO (Energy Company Obligation) Scheme is all about energy efficiency and reducing the amount of energy we use in the UK through improving the efficiency of our homes. The ECO Scheme means you may be able to get FREE insulation for your home.

The current scheme was launched in 2013 and will run until September 2018, when a new ECO scheme will then be launched.

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Why Was It Set Up?

One of the main factors for improving the sustainability of your home is having good insulation. Better quality and thicker insulation results in less heat escaping from your home which in turn reduces the amount of heating you need to use. This means lower electricity bills which I think is something that everyone would like to benefit from.

This government ECO Scheme has been designed to help people in the UK reduce energy loss in their homes and lower heating costs. 

ECO Scheme UK

What Home Improvements Could be Available to You? 

  • Loft Insulation
  • Cavity Wall Insulation
  • Gas Boiler Replacements or Repair

Why Insulate your Loft? 

A quarter of the heat from your home is lost through the roof if it’s not insulated. Good quality loft insulation can last up to 40 years so it’s definitely a good idea for your home.

Why Have Cavity Wall Insulation? 

Roughly a third of the total heat loss in your home goes out of your walls if they’re not insulated. Most houses built from the 1990’s onwards will already have wall insulation but if your house is older it’s likely that it won’t.

If that’s the case for your home you may be losing a lot of heat through your walls. The majority of walls can be insulated so if yours can I’d highly recommend that you look into having it done.

By having cavity wall insulation installed in your home you could potentially save up to £145 per year on your heating bills.

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Why Get a Boiler Replacement or Repair? 

Obviously, if your boiler is broken you need to either get a replacement or have it repaired. The problem a lot of people have is that they cannot afford to do this. That’s where the ECO Scheme may be able to help you.

If your boiler is really old it will not be working as efficiently as a new one. Everything gets less efficient with age, even us humans. A boiler is something that gets used a lot in UK homes as the weather is always up and down.

It’s definitely worth finding out if your eligible for a free upgrade.

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How It Benefits the UK & Individual Households 

The Eco Scheme - Make you home more energy-efficient #GreenLiving #Eco #SustainableLiving The main aim of the EOC Scheme is to make homes in the UK more energy-efficient.

It helps people of the UK to reduce their carbon emissions by reducing the amount of energy needed to heat homes.

It tackles the issues of fuel poverty by customers potentially getting financial support from their energy supplier.

It keeps homes warmer and saves people money.



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How To Find Out More & If You Qualify 

EDF Energy is very focused on low-carbon energy production (supporting nuclear not fossil fuel) so they are a great choice to explore the ECO Scheme option with. The ECO Team can also discuss eligibility with you as only certain homes qualify (this is down to a variety of factors including property type and age).

If you’d like to find out more about the ECO Scheme for your home and whether you are eligible, find out more here or give the EDF Energy ECO team a call on 0800 0968634. 

I’d also love to know if you’ve already taken part or if you’re planning to in the future, let me know in the comments below.

Gina Caro

EDF Energy

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post with EDF Energy: Gas & Electricity suppliers for home & business.

As always, all thoughts & opinions are my own. 

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