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Before You Were Born

I have been tagged in this fun ‘Before You Were Born’ meme by Chantelle over at Mama Mummy Mum.

The idea is to look back on the days before children and remember the things that you use to get up to. Having had children fairly young, (Henry was born when I was 23) that only really leaves my teenage years without children.Read More »Before You Were Born

Saving The World One Nappy At A Time – Reusable Nappies

This is a guest post brought to you by the lovely, mummy of four, Orlena from the blog Snotty Noses.

Reusable Nappies

For me, real or fabric reusable nappies were always the only option. I bought them before the birth of my first son so that I wouldn’t be tempted to opt out. That was over 5 years ago (gasp, I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone) and now 4 children later I’m still really happy with them and have never looked back.Read More »Saving The World One Nappy At A Time – Reusable Nappies

A New Parenting Chapter Begins

It doesn’t matter how much prior reading, researching or observing you do before you become a parent you still will never be fully prepared for how much your life will change. There are a few people out there that swear blind that it won’t change and that you can still live the life that you had but I just don’t see how that is possible.Read More »A New Parenting Chapter Begins