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Thrifty Thursday – Being Thrifty on the Allotment

You may know that we have just got our hands on an allotment space that is in need of some serious love and attention. You can read about what we have achieved so far in my Amateur Allotment Growers post.

One of the main things that we needed on the allotment was a shed for storing fold up seats for our pasty breaks tools but we didn’t want to spend a fortune on a brand new one, so I asked around on Freecyle and Freegle to see if anyone had one that they wanted to get rid of and tah dah…Read More »Thrifty Thursday – Being Thrifty on the Allotment

The Benefits of Traditional Play

The modern world appears to be a playground of time-saving gadgets, touch-screen computers and other technological wonders, and many parents are keen to give their child a head start by including these components in everyday play. Contemporary toys are ideal for children who enjoy playing alone as many involve self-contained games which require nothing but the interaction of the player, but although this may be convenient for busy adults, could your child be missing out on the benefits of traditional play?Read More »The Benefits of Traditional Play

10 Ways To Help Your Child Tell The Time

“What’s the time?”

“Is it nearly snack time?”

“Can I have my computer time?”

“How long until lunchtime?”

“When is it bedtime?”

These are just a few of the many, time related, questions that I get asked everyday and I literally cannot wait until my two can tell the time for themselves. In an effort to speed the process up a bit I have been doing a little research into the best ways of helping them to learn.Read More »10 Ways To Help Your Child Tell The Time