How To Create a Scandinavian Style Living Room

Scandinavian style living room

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The Scandinavian style is hugely popular at the moment. It’s the style we have opted for in our new home and I love it! Everything always looks so fresh and clean.

The main factors for creating a Scandi style room is light, functional & stylish. It’s a really easy home decor style to replicate so perfect for anyone that isn’t great with interior design.

Here are some top tips for creating a Scandinavian Style Living Room 


How To Create a Scandinavian Style Living Room #HomeDecor #Home #Scandinavian #InteriorDesignLight plays a huge part in Scandinavian design due to their long dark winters. The aim is to fill their rooms with as much light as possible, hence the white walls.

If you have a room with big windows then great but if not add in light with different types of lamps. Try to have a mixture of floor standing and table top ones.

If you can afford it invest in a one-off statement piece of lighting for the main light fitting in the room.

Furniture with Form & Function 

Choose furniture that not only looks great but has a function like these perfect Scandi TV stand with media storage.

Scandi style tv unit for living room

If you can choose furniture with a mixture of metal & wood for your living room.

Scandinavian furniture

Hygge it Up 

A part of the Scandinavian style is to have a room that focuses on clean lines. This can sometimes look a little clinical, so it’s important to add some softer elements to help make the room feel cosier.

Hygge, (pronounced hue-guh) is a Danish word that loosely means – cosiness and enjoying life’s simple pleasures.

To make your room feel cosier add some faux fur rugs, soft blankets and lots of candles. Fairy lights also work really well if you’re not a fan of candles.

Hygge your Home

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Neutral Colours 

Similar to the popular minimalist style, Scandi style rooms tend to have a neutral colour palette: think greys, white & black. You can always add in pops of colour with your soft furnishings or wall art. Mustard yellow or navy blue goes particularly well with greys.

Monochrome living room

Scandi style chairs

Wooden Flooring 

Carpets don’t often feature in the Scandinavian design. They prefer to opt for natural floorings like wood and then accessories with rugs.

Scandi style wood flooring

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Add Houseplants 

Houseplants in large pots dotted around a room not only help to soften it but also help to cleanse the air. They also great for adding a pop of colour to an otherwise neutral room.

Houseplants Scandinavian style living room

Wall Prints

Wall prints have become very popular over the last year. Mix and match the styles and create feature gallery walls.

You can *buy them from places like Etsy and display them in simple frames so as not to distract from the art itself.

Scandi style home wall prints

Keep it Simple 

Avoid clutter and disorder. Before you begin redecorating your living room have a clear out and get rid of any unwanted items. Clutter causes anxiety. The aim is to have an uncluttered space in which you can relax in.

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What about you would you like to have a Scandinavian Style Living Room?

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