New Bedroom Design Wish List

New Bedroom Design Wish List

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If you are a regular here then you will already now that we did a mini revamp of our master bedroom back in 2015. We were tasked with undertaking a bedroom makeover with a budget of only £100! 

I think I did quite well and I even managed to stay under budget however as the budget was so low I don’t feel we really finished the room properly. I thought it would be fun to create a bedroom design wish list for the remaining finishing touches that I would like to add.

I definitely don’t want to get carried away and add too much though as I’m currently on a mammoth declutter and organising mission in our home and the last thing I want to do is add more random stuff.

There are however a few things that would just finish off our bedroom nicely. I would describe the design style in our bedroom as minimal boho if that’s even a term?!

Bedroom design wish list - Boho Bedroom

Bedroom Design Wish List


Previously the area above our bed and headboard was just blank but I managed to find a big *dreamcatcher to hang in the middle of the wall. The hippy in me loves the idea behind dreamcatchers.

In case you’re not familiar with them they originated with the Ojibwe people, they were later adopted by Native Americans. It was believed that if you hung the dreamcatcher over your bad all of your bad dreams would get caught in the web whilst the good dreams would float through the feathers and then into your mind.

It may all sound a bit new age hippy-ish but the kiddies love them and each have one in their bedrooms. I love our one and it hangs lovely above our bed.

Dreamcatcher in our boho bedroom

New Mattress

Now for a far more practical item. One of the main things that we could really do with in our bedroom is a new mattress. We’ve had our current one for over 10 years now and the experts suggest that you change them every 8 years.

On average, a human being spends one-third of their life asleep! That is 318 months that you spend in bed. Knowing this it’s quite important to make sure you are comfortable whilst you sleep and a new mattress should certainly help with that.

The other half regularly wakes up with back & neck ache and we swear it’s the mattress that is causing the issue. A new mattress is definitely on our wish list for 2017, I particularly like the look of these memory foam ones.

New Wardrobes

Another practical item that would transform our bedroom space would be new wardrobes. Our old ones are literally falling to pieces and I’d love to have a bespoke hanging system for our clothes.

Our current wardrobes drive me mad as they don’t lend themselves to organised clothes. Everything just sort of gets chucked in and hope for the best. Plus the back panels are falling out from being crammed with too much stuff over the years.

I’d love to have some wardrobes that have some form of built-in storage system so that everything has its place. It would also be great to get *mirror door wardrobes to make the room feel even bigger.

Block Colour Wall

One thing that I would love to do in our bedroom but I don’t have the courage, is to paint the back wall in one solid colour. I’d love to go for a grey but I’d be terrified that it would make the room really dark and gloomy.

At present, we just have magnolia walls and that always makes a room look slightly unfinished to me.

House Plant

The last thing that I would like to add would be a large potted house plant, preferably one that helps to cleanse the air like a Boston Fern or a Peace Lily. Although, I would need to get one that is quite hardy as I tend to kill indoor plants.

bedroom makeover

Is there anything else that you feel would look good in our bedroom? I’d love to hear your suggestions. What would you include on your own bedroom design wish list?

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New Bedroom Design Wish List



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