How To Create a Wildlife Friendly Garden

How to create a wildlife friendly garden

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Encouraging wildlife into your garden is fun and relatively cheap to do. It’s especially great for families as it can provide some extra education for the kiddies. Making a haven for bugs, butterflies and bees is easier than you think.

Here are 11 ways to get you started…

Bug Hotel

A bug hotel is a great way to attract wildlife into your garden. You can either make your own, the RSPB have a great step by step tutorial for a multi-storey bug hotel. Or if you are short on time you can buy them online. We love this *Dewdrop Bee & Bug Hotel as it doesn’t take up a lot of room, so perfect for smaller gardens.

Bug hotel

Bird Bath

A bird bath is a simple way to attract birds into your garden. You can either opt for a larger free standing bath or a more compact *mini hanging bird bath.

Stop using Chemicals

If you plan to attract more wildlife then you should definitely consider ditching any chemicals that you use in the garden. There are lots of natural alternatives out there that are much safer for you, your family and any animals that may visit.

Bee Hive

When I say bee hive I’m not suggesting that you take up beekeeping, although that would be awesome. I’m talking about the *little wooden bee hives that you attach to a wall. They are great for providing a sheltered habitat for bees.

Hedgehog House

A hedgehog house is easy to make. The Devon Wildlife Trust has a handy hedgehog homemaking guide which is free to download. Or alternatively, you can buy ready-made ones. We love this little *igloo hedgehog house.

Plant Bee Friendly Plants 

There are lots of plants that will encourage bees into your garden. Here are just a few for you… Lavender, Apple or Crabapple, Hawthorn, Honeysuckle, Ivy, Foxglove and Sedum. To find more plants visit this Friends of the Earth site. They have a list of plants broken down into different groups.

How to attract bees into your garden

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Bird Box

If you are good with wood and have the right tools you can make a bird box quite quickly. I found this fantastic article which has 23 free birdhouse plans so you can find one that would suit your garden. If you prefer you can find a *birdbox online, there are hundreds to choose from.

Make a Pond

If you have space, time and money you could put a pond in your garden. It wouldn’t have to be huge and can make a lovely feature in your garden. The site Wild About Gardens has a great step by step guide for putting in a pond.

Bat Box

A bat box could be another DIY project for your garden. The DIY Network has a very handy tutorial that you may find useful. If you’d rather buy one we personally like this *Ernest Charles bat box as it’s a good price and not too large. 

Bird Feeder

Placing bird feeders in your garden is a really simple and relatively cheap way to encourage wildlife into your garden. There are literally *hundreds online or pop into your local garden centre.

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Butterfly Feeding Station 

Butterflies love nectar sources so planting butterfly-friendly plants is a sure way to get them to visit your garden. They like sunny sheltered spots so choose these places for your plants. Avoid pesticides as these are very harmful to butterflies.

So what about you? How do you encourage wildlife into your garden?

How to create a wildlife friendly garden

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