10 Ways To Increase your Wellbeing

10 Ways To Increase your Wellbeing

Lately I have been feeling stressed even though I don’t really have anything to be stressed about. I can be sat on the sofa in the evening and my heart is racing for no particular reason. I just don’t seem to be able to relax anymore. Rather than wallow in self pity I have decided to be proactive about it and try to increase my general wellbeing. Read More »10 Ways To Increase your Wellbeing

Having a Wobble & Reassessing Life

I’m not quite sure whether I’m currently having an early mid-life crisis or whether I’m just getting older. Things that used to seem important just aren’t any more. We have been working towards our 2.4 life for some time now, infact we’ve pretty much nailed it complete with 2 children, detached house in the suburbs, a dog (not a golden retriever mind) but we do have the Volvo! We both work hard everyday, the other half is likely to kill himself from stress within the next few years and we are always so busy trying to create a life that we never seem to have any time to just live it!

We are living in a endless suburban middle England cycle of…

Work, Eat, Sleep, Repeat!

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I Had An Epiphany!

Yesterday I had an epiphany! It was one of those real crack you over the head with the light bulb moments. I have been spending money on the wrong things. Last week I bought a mirror that cost £65! Granted I didn’t actually pay that price I only paid £15 for it but still if I hadn’t of been able to get it for that price I would have still handed over £65 of my hard earned cash on a sodding mirror. A mirror that doesn’t give anything back to me other than a reflection. It won’t enhance my life in any way. It was pure consumerism.Read More »I Had An Epiphany!

How to help your children eat healthily

How to help your children eat healthily

Today I have a guest post from the lovely Dr Orlena Kerek

If your children are anything like mine, getting them to eat a healthy, balance diet (or more specifically vegetables) is a bit of a mission. I lovingly prepare a healthy dinner, packed full of vegetables and what happens? There are cries of “yuck” and “I don’t like pasta, I only like spaghetti” or “why did you put so many vegetables in it?” ‘it’ being the vegetable pasta.Read More »How to help your children eat healthily